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Level 10

Level 10
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Level 10

Level 10

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Mommy & Me

18 months-3 years old.  A class with parent participation focusing on motor skill development and fun!  Parents assist their child to develop confidence in the gym.  This class is great for learning new skills and bonding with your child.

Recreational Classes at Empire Gymnastics

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Beginner/Intermediate boys class.  Students will learn basic gymnastics skills on all six men's events.  The focus of these classes is to develop the strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence required to excel in this challenging sport or any other. Beginner/Intermediate girls class.  A class for the child with little or no experience.  Students learn gymnastics basics, develop strength and an improved sense of balance and confidence in the gym.

Preschool - 3 & 4 Years Old

The Preschool class is designed for children who are ready to enjoy a class independent of a parent.  They will learn the basic fundamentals of gymnastics through exercises on the balance beam, trampoline, bars and more!  Preschoolers will also learn about important preschool social skills such as sharing, teamwork, listening, courtesy and following directions.

Advanced Preschool

This class is for the preschooler that has had some gymnastics experience and is ready for more of a challenge.  Students will learn basic gymnastics, continue developing coordination and motor skills, as well as learn to follow instructions.  They follow circuits designed with the preschooler in mind.  This class is by invitation only


For the student more interested in skill acquisition than competition (Girls Class).

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Open Gym

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